Wannabe Yogi

Way back when I used to be flexible…


Let’s just say those days are gone with my velvet leotards.

Flexibility is something as an athlete I’ve always been encouraged to have.  While there are several debates about the need to stretch, in my experience it’s always been beneficial to have loose legs for running and playing high intensity sports.  That said, I never stretch as often as I should.

Yoga is a world that I had never really explored until my move to New York.  The first time I stepped foot inside a yoga studio I felt way out of my league.  I left feeling challenged, refreshed, and knew I had a lot of work to do before I could effortlessly swing my leg from the back to the front of my mat as the bendy lady next to me did.

I’m embracing yoga practice as one of the healthy habits I hope to lock in for life.

Lucky for me, living in New York means I can take advantage of the donation based organization Yoga to the People.  There is a “free” studio within walking distance from my apartment and a new studio just opened up on my street where for five bucks I can Flow into Flexibility (the name of a class my roommate and I explored yesterday afternoon).

Now believe me, I’ve got a waaaaays to go but I know that’s why it’s called practice!

There’s something I find so cool about yogis.  They just seem to project this energy, don’t they?  And they’re so connected and kind to their bodies… something I can’t relate to as I have a bruise  plum purple on my knee cap from slipping and falling in the street the other day.  There’s a balance they are able to find in their practice and carry to their lifestyle that I struggle to attain.  Also, they have the coolest clothes… I mean really.

Hopefully I find this balance as I strive to bend and better (not break) my body.

My feature for this post is Rachel Brathen.  If you aren’t already following her on instagram, check her out:  yoga_girl

Yeah... sure, I'll try.

Yeah… sure, I’ll try.


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