So I was thinking and…


Hi there and welcome to (B) Easy Does it!

I’ve decide to take the plunge and see if I can tackle yet another form of social media!  Of the many words that might be used to describe me, social media addict is a difficult one to argue.  I typically try to hold out as long as I can before diving into the latest and greatest of media platforms but I’m thinking now is the perfect time to hop on the blog wagon!

I have been out in the “real world” for just over a year and a half now (insert shrieking sound effect!) and I can say with confidence that it is every bit as terrifying as they say it is.

Now, now, before you jump on me and try to argue my statement let me explain!

Up until this point I have had a good idea of what was next or at least a general understanding of how things were “supposed” to look…

You go to elementary school for six years, followed by three years of middle school, then four years of high school, next in my world, you go to college and then…

I didn’t quite know what was “supposed” to come next.

I am slowly but surely learning that it’s okay not to know.  It is an equally alarming and comforting thing to hear, “that’s what your twenties are about!”

I’m a thinker… a talker, a dreamer, a tweeter, a doodler and I’ve been going in circles for the past year trying to figure out just what is next for me.  My goal of this platform is to commit to a little “me time” to filter through the thoughts, images, people, articles, and experiences that cloud my mind day  to day in order to figure out where my passions lie… and see where it can take me!

So join me as I think and think and think to try and figure out this “real world” and where I might fit into it.

Thanks for stoppin by!


Let's hear what you're thinkin!

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